Temperature Check - WSD Token Governance & Cross-chain Update

Greetings WhiteSwap community.

Last year was full of hard intensive work. With the support of our Chinese community we are expanding to Asian markets and building solutions on Tron blockchain. The team has been working on a major update and we are proud to say that we successfully launched AMM DEX on Tron blockchain. Thus, giving Tron users the ability to create pools and swap any trc20 token for any other trc20 token. Now we are facing new challenges and our next goals are Tron cross-chain swaps and governance updates. In this regard we need to migrate to a new governance token contract, WSD, adding burn/mint functionality, making the supply flexible on Ethereum and Tron blockchains simultaneously. This will allow us to implement a cross-chain solution for TRX-ETH token swaps using WSD as a network token.

New governance token ticker is WSD, the supply is cut to 21’000’000 WSD. Keeping the same allocation model.

Community - 87% - 18’270’000 WSD

Team - 10% - 2’100’000 WSD

Advisors - 3% - 630’000 WSD

You can migrate your tokens by swapping WSE for WSD using the WSE/WSD liquidity pool.

Stay tuned for the updated product roadmap and new staking and reward programs along with an ecosystem support & development fund.

WhiteSwap team.