Temperature Check - Liquidity Mining Stage 3

As the previous stage has ended, we are proposing the next stage to continue with the same pools. To make it faster we also want to start off-chain right away. So here’s the proposed allocation for the next phase

ETH/USDT - 5,000,000 WSE
ETH/DAI - 5,000,000 WSE
USDT/DAI - 2,500,000 WSE
USDT/USDC - 2,500,000 WSE
USDT/TUSD - 2,500,000 WSE
DAI/USDC - 2,500,000 WSE
WSE/ETH - 500,000 WSE
Total: 20,500,000 WSE

No changes so you can enjoy staking as usual! To vote please go through the link in the comments.

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Would love to vote but, since my LP has been locked since last stage ended over 3 days ago and I wasn’t able to claim WSE I cannot vote nor have the votes I would have had, had the contract not been broke with our Liquidity inaccessible… I think those who had this stuck liquidity should be compensated with some WSE tokens we would have farmed for these days than we cannot withdrawal.