Temperature Check - Liquidity Mining Stage 2

Hello there,

The first stage of WhiteSwap liquidity mining will be over in January 2021, so it’s time we thought about what’s next. We have a few propositions as to the pools to be involved in the second phase.

The reward system should go on so that participants could get additional rewards from staking. To encourage more of them to join the governance process, we should opt for the most relevant pools.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Should we get rid of ETH-CORE ETH-LINK? Should we continue with ETH-USDT and ETH-DAI? Which pools would you carry on with, and which ones would you rather leave behind? Here’s the list of current pools:


please continue with ETH-CORE ETH-LINK

Personally I think the four main pairs eth-dai, wth-usdc, eth-usdt, eth-wbtc would be good. The others the volume is practically nonexistent. Also the two stabelcoin pairs are not needed either as swapping them on curve is much more efficient. I would keep those 4 main pools with the same or maybe even slightly higher rewards. Also I would add a WSE-ETH pool to incentivize people to hold and get some more liquidity for the whiteswap token and maybe make it 500k a week or so rewards. Just my opinion.