Temperature Check - Governance Rewards

Dear community members,

We know that elaborating on proposals that would benefit the whole community takes much effort. The WhiteSwap team greatly appreciates your contribution to the project and wants to make sure it is deservedly rewarded. That is why we have decided to modify the protocol so that everybody whose proposal gets adopted could receive a reward.

We are going to allocate 10 million WSE from the treasury to the Governance Reward contract. This sum was committed as a fund, which will be further replenished. At the moment, once somebody’s proposal is approved, they will be rewarded with 100,000 WSE. However, the reward size can be changed in the future as well.

Thank you for helping WhiteSwap grow and get better. Let’s make the project as useful and profitable to all the participants as possible!


Thank you, team! Hope this will bring more users to the project?

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Do this include temperature checks that got turned into proposals that were passed? I believe some of proposed that for the 2nd liquidity mining phase?

i guess only next ones, after the implementation of this feature

On-chain voting is live!