Temperature Check - Gas tokens integration

Hello everybody,

My proposal refers to the reduction of gas fees through the use of gas tokens. As you all have seen gas price is going real high right now. The tokens can be introduced when the gas is cheap and burnt when its cost gets higher to offset part of the transaction gas. This way, token holders will be able to pay up to 50% less when the gas is expensive. I think that the best is CHI, but maybe someone can prove I’m wrong and give another suggestion.

Which gas tokens would you like to see on WhiteSwap? Share your ideas!

Great proposal, but CHI and GST will become useless soon https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/pull/3298

Thanks for pointing it out! Taking this into consideration, the team has decided to hold this proposal. Our utmost priority is to improve DeFi user experience, with gas pricing been one of the most sizable issues in the Ethereum network. Unfortunately, with the upcoming implementation of EIP3298, GAS tokens are no longer relevant.

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I hope EIP1559 will help relieve us of the need to use gas tokens.