Temperature Check - Fee Reduction

Hello everybody,

I would like to propose the reduction of fees for WSE token holders to encourage more people to join the project. The principle should be as follows: if there’s a particular amount of tokens on the account balance, the fees will be reduced by a definite number.

Here’s an example of a swap fee discount:

  • 100-1’000 WSE = 0.01%
  • 1’000-10’000 WSE = 0.02%
  • 10’000-100’000 WSE = 0.03%
  • 100’000-1’000’000 WSE = 0.04%
  • 1’000’000+ = 0.05%

Your thoughts are appreciated.


Hi @fablo,

I do support the idea of encouraging people to join our project by offering them a swap fee discount based on the amount of WSE tokens they hold.

The only thing is that I would like to change your table by increasing the minimum required amount of WSE tokens they need to have to get a minimal discount in the amount of 0,01%. I think it’s reasonable since the initial price of the WSE token is going to be pretty low.

So, here is my example:

  • 1’000-10’000 WSE = 0.01%
  • 10’000-50’000 WSE = 0.02%
  • 50’000-250’000 WSE = 0.03%
  • 250’000-1’000’000 WSE = 0.04%
  • 1’000’000+ = 0.05%

Hey :wave: ,

I’m with @fablo on the 100 minimum required tokens for swap fee discount. A 0.01% discount is very small, and at this stage onboarding users is far more important (and profitable for the community) than fees.

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100 WSE is definately better, cause new users won’t have to much of tokens, they want the discount too

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Discounts are a concern but not quite the immediate concern. Driving adoption should be our primary focus. Right now, 1000 tokens is like $40 usd. If it was $400, then I would be concerned about an adjustment. I think I paid around $160 just to stake my liquidity. That was much more painful than paying full price on a swap fee.

Being in sales, I have learned that you do not make decisions based on what you think others can afford, you make decisions on where the market value is within the industry. Look at the fee structures of our competitors and align. I have to admit, the tens of thousands I have swapped across other DEX’s, I never really looked at the swap fee, only winced at the gas cost.

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