Proposal for Weekly Team Progress Reports to Strengthen Community Trust and Transparency

WhiteSwap team and community,

I hope this message finds you well. As an active member of our community, I’ve been reflecting on ways to enhance transparency, build trust, and ensure we’re all aligned on our journey towards achieving our collective goals. After a constructive exchange with our admins, I’m putting forth a proposal that I believe will serve our community well, especially in these times of rapid development and change.


In light of the current quarter and acknowledging the sentiments within our community, particularly those who have invested at prices significantly above the 0.1 cent mark, I propose the introduction of weekly progress reports from our team. These reports aim to provide a transparent, detailed account of what has been accomplished over the week, including but not limited to project developments, milestones reached, challenges faced, and strategies implemented to overcome them.


The primary goal of this proposal is to tackle the sense of disbelief or concern among our community members by:

  • Demonstrating our team’s commitment to our collective success.
  • Showcasing the strategic efforts being made behind the scenes.
  • Enhancing our communication and transparency with the community.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Increased Transparency: Weekly updates will ensure that every community member is well-informed about the ongoing efforts, progress, and plans of our team.
  2. Strengthened Community Trust: By openly sharing our challenges and successes, we aim to build a stronger bond of trust between the team and the community.
  3. Enhanced Engagement: Regular insights into the team’s work can foster a more engaged and motivated community, encouraging constructive feedback and suggestions.


This initiative is designed with the community’s best interest at heart. It’s a step towards ensuring that every member feels valued, informed, and confident in the direction we’re heading.

I kindly ask for your support and vote to implement this proposal. Let’s work together to build a transparent, trustful, and thriving community.

Thanks for considering this proposal.

Warm regards,


Seems like an interesting proposal! Good job

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I think that implementing weekly progress reports demonstrates a proactive approach to addressing community concerns and maintaining transparency which is great!

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Hey! It looks like by sharing detailed accounts of project developments and milestones, the team showcases their dedication to achieving collective success.

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I would rather prefer to have such reports once a month, not once a week. What do you think, folks?

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Sounds good to me.

The rationale for proposing a 1-week period is to demonstrate that the team is actively engaging with the community prior to the product launch. After the release, we could consider changing this to a monthly basis. What do you think?


However the enhanced communication through weekly reports gives a stronger sense of community engagement, I’d prefer to perform it less often.

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Why not? The idea looks clear to me. On the other side I doubt that the development team will be happy with that frequency of reports))


Sure thing :+1: :+1: :+1:

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I am happy to see someone brought it out! Would love to support this propose

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By implementing this proposal reflects a commitment to open communication, accountability, and community-driven decision-making, aligning with the values of a thriving community, so i totally agree!

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