Proposal for the Integration of PolygonPoS and PolygonZkEVM Solutions into WhiteSwap DEX

Hello there, WS team! I would like to discuss this integration into WhiteSwap DEX. In this regard, I have created a separate Proposal where community can discuss this idea.


This Proposal encapsulates the comprehensive integration of PolygonPoS (Proof of Stake) and PolygonZkEVM (Zero Knowledge — Ethereum Virtual Machine) solutions into the WhiteSwap Decentralized Exchange framework. The core objective of this integration is to substantially enhance our platform’s scalability, transaction speed, and cost-effectiveness while upholding the ecosystem’s inherent decentralised ethos.


Blockchains are constantly evolving: from Bitcoin to Ethereum, from Ethereum to Polygon, and so on. PolygonZkEVM was launched in March 2023. This is one of the most advanced blockchain solutions right now. WhiteSwap aims to provide convenient and progressive solutions for its users. This is why we propose to implement new blockchains in addition to existing Ethereum, Tron and Polygon.

The integration of PolygonPoS and PolygonZkEVM, known for their scalability and efficiency, aligns with the overarching aim of fortifying WhiteSwap’s operational efficaciousness and user satisfaction.


  • Integration Framework:
    • Establish a robust framework for the seamless integration of PolygonPoS and PolygonZkEVM into the existing WhiteSwap DEX architecture.
    • Engage blockchain developers and engineers to oversee and execute the integration process.
  • Security Audits and Performance Testing:
    • Prioritize comprehensive security audits to ensure the integration does not compromise the existing security protocols of WhiteSwap.
    • Develop a conducive testing environment to meticulously analyze the performance, identify potential bugs, and ensure the compatibility of integrated solutions.
  • Community Engagement and Feedback:
    • Foster an open communication channel for community feedback and suggestions regarding the integration.
    • Write reviews and posts to educate the community about the benefits and technical nuances of the integration.


The amalgamation of PolygonPoS and PolygonZkEVM into WhiteSwap’s framework is anticipated to provide more advanced blockchain solutions to our users. This enhanced efficiency is poised to significantly better the user experience, thereby potentially attracting a wider user base. Moreover, this integration heralds an avenue for further technological collaborations, fostering a culture of continual innovation and improvement within the WhiteSwap ecosystem.



Wow finally nice improvements! As I was so against the previous proposal. I think this implementation will offer several benefits, like scalability,low transaction fees, and faster confirmations

I also prefer to develop Polygon. Polygon network uses different technologies than Ethereum Layer 1 so it has a different security model and is able to have lower transaction costs.

What about the security vulnerabilities?The security of the Polygon PoS network is linked to the security of the Ethereum network since Polygon relies on Ethereum’s security model. Any vulnerabilities or issues in eth could potentially impact the security of the dex.

Polygon PoS stands out as a well-established protocol in the Web3 space, hosting a multitude of decentralized applications (dapps) with over three million daily transactions. That makes your proposition reasonable.

Omg total controvercial proposition. Have you thought about the other ecosystem risks? Relying heavily on a specific blockchain ecosystem (in this case, Ethereum) for security and interoperability may expose the DEX to ecosystem risks, such as network upgrades or governance changes that affect Polygon’s operations.

Classic Polygon is already presented on the platform as a result it would be easier to add superstructure of new layer instead of creating L0 from the very beginning so I am in

Support it. Polygon has recently surfaced as a viable substitute for DeFi platforms based on Ethereum, driven by the prevalent high gas fees and network congestion on the Ethereum blockchain. Polygon also offers a range of advantages to DeFi users, such as: minimal fees6 immediate confirmation and execution of transactions6 enhanced yields, courtesy of the network’s relatively recent establishment.

Well lets see what developers team will implement.They should carefully weigh these disadvantages against the advantages when considering the implementation of Polygon PoS. It’s essential to conduct thorough risk assessments