Proposal For Airdrop Similiar to Uniswap

Exactly as this states I know a few people have been staking liquidity; like me for months here. We take alot of impermanent loss risks, as well as others interact with the swap contract and do trades. I propose an airdrop to reward those who have provided liquidity on a pro-rata basis of the liquidity provided equal to 1,000 WSE tokens per / $1,000 in liquidity provided for each of the first 2 liquidity-mining stages. Or for a more simplistic look every $1 in liquidity provided = 1 WSE token airdropped. Eg. If you provided a maximum liquidity of 20k in a pair during the first and second stage each you would receive 40k WSE tokens. Take the maximum value provided during each liquidity stage to determine amounts of WSE tokens to airdrop. Additionally anyone trading or interacting with the contract to be airdropped 500 WSE tokens. This will foster more to provide additional liquidity to be brought in to the next phase as well potentially.`

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I like the way you think, check out the original conversation on a similar topic:

Yes I’m aware of that post. I was doing an updated actual proposal for a vote since we are many months along now, and hopefully imminently awaiting a listing on Whitebit exchange or elsewhere.

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I hadn’t figured out how to raise an actual proposal unfortunately, however, thats brilliant news! Can’t wait.

So anyone else have any thoughts? Preferably those who also provided liquidity over these last few months?

I’m in favor. I wouldn’t focus on giving the airdrop to liquidity providers though–they’ve already bought in and have tokens. What we need is to get the word out to those that haven’t completely bought in yet, so I would focus on people who have used the exchange. Obviously there would be overlap with liquidity provers, which is fine.