Farming Pools Update Proposal

# Summary

Greetings WhiteSwap community!

Last year has been a rough ride for the team and our home country of Ukraine. Despite this, a major protocol update is in the works and this is the first part of a series of upcoming governance proposals to ‘relaunch’ the protocol. We’ll soon shed more light on other parts of this update and what functionality will be included in the upcoming governance proposals.

Our farming pool proposal aims to provide a sustainable way for investors to earn passive income from their cryptocurrency holdings. By leveraging the power of liquidity pooling and yield farming strategies, we believe our pool can offer superior returns and reduced risk compared to traditional investment options.

Our farming pool will be built on a robust and secure decentralized platform, providing users with full transparency and control over their investments. We will carefully select a diverse range of high-quality cryptocurrencies to include in our pool, optimizing the balance between risk and reward.

Our approach to yield farming will be based on a community-driven governance model, ensuring that all decisions are made in the best interests of our users. We will also implement a range of risk management and hedging strategies to protect against market volatility and other potential risks.

# Abstract

This proposal outlines the development and implementation of a decentralized farming pool for yield farming on the Ethereum network. Our farming pool will be built using smart contract technology and will allow users to earn yield by staking their crypto assets by a standard of ERC-20 tokens. The WhiteSwap farming pool is a liquidity mining mechanism that enables liquidity pool creators to distribute additional tokens of their project to users.

The proposed feature is a farming pool where users can stake liquidity into a liquidity pool and receive LP tokens in return. These LP tokens can then be staked in the farming pool, and users will be incentivized in the form of reward tokens. To create a farming pool on WhiteSwap, any user can fill out a request form. Within the form, the user must specify the desired existing liquidity pool on WhiteSwap and link it to it. Next, the user must choose a reward token from a pair of linked liquidity pools, selecting either a Base token or a Quote token. The user also needs to specify the start and end dates of the farming pool and lock up 5000 WSD tokens for at least 1 year or for the entire farming pool period if it lasts more than 1 year. After the expiration date, the user can return their tokens. The WhiteSwap team will charge 5% of 5000 WSD tokens to cover operating expenses. This feature will provide users with an additional way to earn rewards on their staked liquidity while providing liquidity to the WhiteSwap platform.

# Specification

The proposed farming pool will be implemented as a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain using Solidity. The pool will allow users to stake their WSD tokens in exchange for rewards paid out in a new token, which will be generated through yield farming strategies.

The user interface for the farming pool will be developed as a web application using Symphony and React.js. The interface will allow users to connect their Ethereum wallets, view their staked balances, claim rewards, and withdraw their staked tokens.

In terms of security considerations, the smart contract will be audited by a third-party security firm before deployment to ensure that it is secure and free from vulnerabilities. The contract will also be subject to extensive testing before and after deployment to catch any potential bugs or issues.

The farming pool will be deployed to the Ethereum mainnet using a two-phase deployment process. In the first phase, the contract will be deployed to a testnet environment and subjected to extensive testing to ensure that it functions as intended. In the second phase, the contract will be deployed to the Ethereum mainnet and become available on the front-end side via

We are glad to hear your feedback and thank you for taking part in the governance process.

Best Regards,
WhiteSwap team.

Slava Ukraini.


Hi, WS team!

I see, there is an information about farming pools only on Ethereum network. Are there any plans to expand to other networks and which ones specifically?


It’s great that whiteswap will provide an opportunity to hold such liquidity mining programs for projects. Is there any guidance on how to do it properly?

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Long time no see, WS team! I have a question which bothers me.

“The WhiteSwap team will charge 5% of 5000 WSD tokens to cover operating expenses.” Can this percentages be changed? Why do you charge 5% and where will it go? Will they be burned or?

Thank you, in advance.


I wonder which company will audit your protocol’s code to identify security vulnerabilities?


I think 5% charge is absolutely OK if it will be burned.



Our DAO will decide on the WSD amount and percentages. That would be a subject to the decentralized governance.



Yes. We are considering burning these 5%.



We are considering a list of companies, but most likely the audit will be carried out by



We will roll out a governance update proposal on Ethereum, followed by Tron, and other networks in future. But that’ll be ETH and TRX at first.


Hey everyone, it’s good to see the dao come to life :boom:
very good solution, I’m interested in this update
but which pools will be able to participate in the reward programs?

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I will waiting to farming on Tron
it is also convenient to trade on Optimism or Aurora
Have you considered these networks?

qq regarding this proposal. Can the project provide their own LP tokens, not WSD from your exchange?

sounds great, thank u

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You’ll have to stake LP tokens of the selected liquidity pool into the farming pool contract.

Say, the project (let it be TokenX), wants to hold down a liquidity mining program to distribute its token and give users an additional initiative to provide liquidity to their liquidity pools.

The project picks its TokenX/USDT pool as the one taking part in the liquidity mining campaign.

From the user perspective you will have to provide liquidity to the TokenX/USDT pool, get LP tokens, stake these LP tokens to the farming pool and start earning rewards. In this particular case it’ll be TokenX.


this proposal sounds quite prosperous. i wonder which pools can take part in reward earnings?

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LPs can claim their rewards and withdraw their liquidity from the pool at any time. I wonder is there any penalty fee for withdrawing before a certain period of time or before a certain threshold is met?

Will these farming pools have the same working principal as uniswap /pancakeswap?

wow thats great! hacken is one of ther safest web3 security companies


i wonder is there any guarantee the project won’t be a scam and leave users without their earning rewards?